Friday, September 25

Violin. . .

Violin... An instrument I had once held in my hands. An instrument I had once played. That instrument was on loan from the school though... I started playing it in my last year of Middle school. I was told that I was pretty good for a beginner. My friends, that had convinced me to take up the violin, had been playing since they were in the third grade just about.

Anyways, I guess I was inspired to write something since I was watching a documentary involving violins. It was about The Four Seasons By Antonio Vivaldi. It focused on 4 violinists in 4 different places. Springtime in Tokyo, Summer in Australia, Fall in New York.... Then I stopped watching. I just missed the violin so much, it was a tiny bit hard to see other people playing it.

It made me wonder... With the little time I spent playing violin years ago, and the fact that I have pretty much forgotten what I had learned... Would I ever be able to pick it back up again? Would I ever be able to play even a tiny bit as good as some of these people? How will I re-teach myself?

Even right now, listening to a Beathoven piece played by some woman named Ann Fontanella...
If you wish to take a Listen.

Wow... I entirely lost my train of thought... Ummm... Please hold on a moment while I find it again...

Right! They also talked a lot about the importance of music. In that documentary that is. They showed a music class in Tokyo. Those little kids were having so much fun. There was even one little boy playing a cello! Well, a tiny kid sized one... But it was adorable!

And another thing... Each one of the violinists talked about what was going on in the song. They explained how various parts were made to sound like or resemble something. Like birds chirping and holding conversations. Even like snoring. They even went into the emotions of it. Frantic, sad, whatever else.

So, I'm going to do something I don't do very often. I know for sure that at least Kendra will do this... Hopefully. Anyways, I'm going to ask what others think about music. What instruments do you like and what not?

While I'm at it. I want to apologize. Once again I have not been keeping up with my blogs, or reading the blogs that I follow as often as I normally do.

And I have 10 followers? Wow... Thank you. Although, I can't really see why or how. xD


Kendra Logan said...

I've always loved violins/fiddles. (...was that deja vu or have I commented, it's so hard for me to remember when I can't see the comments, lol!)

But sometimes I really love guitars, too. And flutes. Ah! I can't pick! :)


Logan said...

Now you have more than 10 followers so you HAVE to keep writing!

Logan said...

Oh, yeah, thoughts on music. I adore Vivaldi. He wrote a lot of great program music; it's a shame most people only know the first movement from the Four Seasons (I love the "cutting" sound the strings make in the last movement of Summer). I play piano so I lean toward likes of Chopin, Scriabin, and Rachmaninoff.

Organs are awesome, too. They're so powerful, beast-like instruments.

I could go on and on about music and composers. I'd better stop or my comment will turn into another post.